How to Let Go of Resistance?

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I’ve been very positive ever since I read Reality Transurfing. I really think Vadim Zeland did a wonderful work translating energy into words. He explains it in depth and he gives a deep understanding for the mind to follow up on it and, above all, to comprehend what its role is when it comes to life and the way we shape reality.

A lot of things made sense about me and my life after I read the book. It’s like I could finally understand a lot of the results I’ve had and a lot of the struggles I faced. It was so crystal clear that at one point I was laughing out loud while reading it. 

Throughout my life, I’ve often felt like books speak to me, but never like this one. It was as if we were in an intense dialogue. I am deeply grateful for this reading and I am really happy to have shared this with you.

Even though I’ve been very positive in the last weeks and I know I am exactly where I need to be, I’ve struggled with a lot of physical pain (I think my body was releasing and purging during the quantum leap while adapting to the new reality) and I’ve also had some emotional challenges when it comes to my current unclear situation (which might have weakened my immune system).

Being back in Norway for the Autumn was something I knew it would be challenging, but as I was living it, I realised it was far harder than I thought. All together it became painful and I’ve acutely felt it physically. The tendency I had was to pretend that all was well, either by taking painkillers or by wanting to just get over that moment. I’ve started to notice my breathing and how shallow it was when I was struggling. One of the days I put my hands over my belly (where I was experiencing pain) and I breath deeply into it. I connected with my body and I could feel compassion towards myself and the resistance I was carrying as I allowed myself to let it go. I was lying like that for a couple of hours in one of the dawns when the pains awaked me. Just breathing through the pain, being present with it, feeling it in my core.

A few hours later, the pains passed. I felt a deep connection with myself for the presence I had given me. For the first time in my life, I actually breath through the pain and I allowed myself to be fully present with it without trying to escape it. That gave me an overall sense of gratitude and serenity. It’s like I had found ground within. I feel more and more rooted and more and more present in myself. This gives me a sense of tranquility and resilience in face of any circumstance. I also had a sense of accomplishment, for not abandoning myself as I was going through the pain. 

I didn’t really know how to release resistance, but I’ve realised that this was one first big step. It was very similar to what Dr. Hawkins described in Letting Go: the Pathway of Surrender. Being present, feeling it (no judgment, no rationalisation, no resistance), just being there, fully aware! Somehow relaxing into the pain. 

Relaxing is in itself a whole challenge as I observe my body more and more and notice where I tense up or how shallow my breathing becomes at times. I really believe that being aware of our breathing has a key role when it comes to let go of resistance. Because that exercise allows us to fully feel where the resistance is stored whether in form of pain whether in form of tension or any kind of discomfort.

I feel vibrant and present with myself more and more. I feel grateful for the path I’m taking. I feel grateful for the pain, the sadness, the irritation, the anger, for showing me something about myself and allowing me to get to know myself better. I feel grateful to feel these emotions for giving me a chance to choose love, compassion, joy, lightness.

I’ve also decided to visit a doctor (I haven’t seen one in many years) and I found out about a Brazilian Naturopath who makes bio-energetic diagnosis (it’s the same method that Dr. Hawkins describes in Power vs Force). He only works in Portuguese, but I want to share more about him with you so I’ll dedicate a post to this topic soon.

Thank you for being with me along the journey. I always feel blessed for translating these experiences into words to share them with you.

Sending you love and gratitude,


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I love laughing out loud, sharing wellness is one of my greatest joys and communicating from integrity is key to me. I believe that being playful in an emotionally charged planet is the secret to enjoy the ever present synchronicity. The journey is the destination!

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  1. Thank you for that open post. I am glad you could walk through the pain and I am impressed about the path you walk. Great that you share this with us!

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