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Fumiko Takatsu is an inspiring woman who spreads beauty and wellbeing. Her life journey is quite interesting: after an accident, Fumiko refused being submitted to operations and decided to work the face muscles to get the results she visualised. Based on her own success, she developed the Face Yoga Method that focuses in the facial movements that we can do to exercise the muscles of the face to maintain a healthy and young complexion. If we work the muscles in the body to keep it strong and healthy, why not do the same to our face? After all, we use it every single day. We have a lot more muscles in the face than we imagine, we’re just not aware of them, because – even though we use them daily, we don’t use them with intention in all our face expressions.

In November I joined the 30 Day Challenge of the Face Yoga Method. In 30 days Fumiko proposed to show us what is the Face Yoga Method and help us implement those facial exercises in our daily routine.

The 30 Day Challenge, because it is the perfect way to initiate in the Face Yoga Method. With just 5 minutes a day one becomes more and more conscious of the way our own face moves and which areas need more attention. I have mentioned what I’ve learned in this video!

After this challenge I won a session with Fumiko, which was a wonderful experience and it clarified some of the questions that I had since she could tell me first hand the facial exercises that I should do daily to benefit my own face.

A few of the things I’ve learned with Fumiko’s Face Yoga Method and the session I had were:

  • Know my face and its muscles much better;

  • Be more aware of how everything is connected: face, head, belly, hips and the way certain movements of the body affect the face and vice-versa;

  • Be more aware of the symmetry of the face and the areas I need to exercise and focus more in my own face;

  • Be aware of the impact that the position we sleep in (especially when one sleeps on the side, which is my case) has in the face and in its symmetry.

I have also realised that some of these exercises are only effective if they are done daily. It is not necessary to repeat until exhaustion: that is not the goal, nor is it desirable; two to three repetitions a day are enough to benefit from each exercise, but they have to be done regularly.

Another tip that Fumiko gave was to do the exercises in bed or with the body lying down facing up, because the face is in a position that benefits the most from the movements we are doing. For those who sleep on their side, they may alternate sides or consider the possibility to sleep with their face up (belly facing up) so they don’t force the facial muscles to one of the sides, like I’ve been doing for years, since I regularly slept on the same side. A way to make the adaptation to the new sleeping position easier is to cross one leg on top of the other and use a towel to support the neck and both sides of the face. A few months later I did another video, to show the progress of my face and to share what I’ve learned in my session with Fumiko.

Fumiko is an excellent professional and her innovative Face Yoga Method contributes to the youth of any face and it makes each user more aware about its own facial movements and how to benefit from the right exercises.

Thank you Fumiko!

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