Essential Oils Categories

Essential oils can be divided into six types according to the plant that gives origin to them:

1 – Seeds

Seeds represent the beginning of life, the potential to become. They have a natural affinity to the digestive system, since is life based upon our ability to digest and what we digest.

2 – Roots

Roots are grounding, they represent an anchor plant, they absorb nutrients, they support balance.

3 – Woods

Woods conduct water and nutrients from roots to leaves, stems and flowers, they provide support for both plants and trees.

4 – Resins

Resins main functions are: heal and protect.

5 – Leaves and Needles

Leaves and needles are responsible for: photoseynthesis (which represents transformation), respiration, protect from water loss, ward off insects.

5 – Flowers

Flowers represent: reproduction, to attract for purpose of pollination, survival of species.

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