Essential Oils Adulteration Techniques

As I’ve been saying only one drop of an essential oil is so powerful that it is important we are sure about the source of our essential oils.

The reason why purity matters so much is because it is easy to adulterate essential oils and detract them of some of their most beneficial properties.

I have watched a detailed seminar on the subject from Dr. Robert Pappas, who is the world leader in essential oil chemistry and oversees the quality of dōTERRA essential oils. So the four main ways to adulterate essential oils are:

1 – Non-volatile Addition

It basically consists in adding a heavy carrier to an essential oil.

2 – Secondary Species Addition

It consists in blending one essential oil with another one that is chemically similar.

3 – Synthetic Chemical Addition

It consists in adding a petrochemical-derived synthetic component to an essential oil.

4 – Synthetic Chemical from Natural Precursor Addition

It consists in adding synthetic components made from a precursor that came from natural plant material.

There are tests to study and analyze patterns and chemical composition to find about possible adulteration. If you wish to know more details about this subject check Dr. Robert Papas online information.

Essential oils can be quite supportive when used right and when their quality is assured. So make sure you trust the brand of essential oils you use.

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