Design Your Life

This was a very inspiring book that I read last year. Rachel Roy is a famous fashion designer. Design Your Life more than an amazing fashion tips book is a book that inspires one to design and live the life one wants. Obviously that is also expressed in the way we present ourselves to the world and Roy is an expert on the subject: the classics, the basics, the things that make it your own style; she guides us through it all. But most importantly Rachel Roy enhances how important it is that we know ourselves and stay committed to our truth and that’s what makes this book so special. She calls it the “act as if principle” which most of would call “fake it until you make it” and she summarizes it in this way:

“Your values are only expressed in your actions!

Living in truth means that you do not pretend or practice self-delusion. You face life, your relationships and your circumstances exactly as they are, not as you wish they would be. Living in truth means that you never stay in a situation that makes you unhappy or which you feel for any reason is wrong for you.

Living in truth means that you set peace of mind as your highest goal and as your core organising principle. You never compromise your peace of mind for anyone or anything else.

I have a vision of something greater or better than my current circumstances. Personal greatness means having a sense of destiny and a conviction that my thoughts and imagination are the only real limits to my possibilities!”

This passage is very much aligned with the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza and the work of Louise Hay. And it’s just one of the many reasons that make this book so great and worth reading!

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