Aroma is Coming!

Have you ever wondered what Game of Thrones characters would smell like? I have! With the final season hitting a tv near us quite soon, I’ll be bringing you Essential Oils for the characters that make Game of Thrones so awesome!

For all those who don’t watch Game of Thrones or, more importantly, who didn’t read George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire: this is one of the best book series I have ever read (and the main reason that lead me to watch the tv series). George R. R. Martin created an incredible plot where you get caught up from the first lines. Each chapter is always a character, meaning you are always placed in action through the eyes – and by eyes, I mean, thoughts, emotions, memories, story – of each character and that’s one of the main things that make this saga so unique! You almost become each character as you read each chapter, as you understand better the reasons that lay behind their behaviours and the underlying causes that might have lead them to act the way they do. Martin did a remarkable work and show us each one of these human beings, plus the whole plot – majestically. It’s just brilliant!

So, hold on tight, and get ready for: Aroma is Coming!!!!


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Published by Natalia Costa

I love laughing out loud, sharing wellness (raising energy) is one of my greatest joys and communicating from integrity is key to me. I believe that being playful in an emotionally charged planet is the key to enjoy the ever present synchronicity. The journey is the destination!

2 thoughts on “Aroma is Coming!

  1. Haha you’re so funny! Even though I’m not watching it I now feel like doing it! And smelling it! 😉

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