Antonella Milo

I had the chance to learn with Antonella Milo in Island Yoga Retreat. Antonella is both a Yoga and a Tai Chi Teacher. I found her practices deeply soothing and energising. I would say that her classes are a massage for the body, the mind and the soul. Plus Antonella is a generous human being who always goes the extra mile to assist her students both inside and outside the classroom.
So I am happy to share with you Antonella’s FREE 7 Day Yoga Self-care Series. I am currently doing it and it’s like having Antonella teaching me at home. I love it! 
This practice is very restorative, perfect for the times we’re living. Try it out and find out. You’ll find more information in Antonella’s website. Enjoy

Published by Natalia Costa

I love laughing out loud, sharing wellness (raising energy) is one of my greatest joys and communicating from integrity is key to me. I believe that being playful in an emotionally charged planet is the key to enjoy the ever present synchronicity. The journey is the destination!

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