Anti-aging Skin Recipe

Are you concerned about wrinkles on your skin? Do you want to stop the clock from ticking? Would you like to turn it around and rejuvenate? Oils can help you!


In the video above, I share how to do your own anti-aging skin recipe at home with natural oils.



  • Essential Oils:
  1. Rose
  2. Frankincense
  3. Helichrysum
  4. Pomegranate
  • Carrier Oils:
  1. Olive oil
  2. Jojoba oil
  3. Avocado oil



Use one of the base oils or blend the three in a 50mL glass bottle.

Then add 4 drops of Frankincense, 4 drops of Helichrysum, 6 drops of Pomegranate and 2 drops of Rose.

Use daily on the skin. Enjoy!


Here’s how to apply an oil blend on the skin.



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