The Sacred Science by Nick Polizzi

I’m a faithful follower of The Sacred Science, because I really enjoy the information that they usually share and the way they present it. It was thanks to the brilliant work of this team that I found out about The Face Yoga Method by Fumiko Takatsu, the documentary series The Truth About Cancer, the Food Revolution Summit or The Remedy Series: Ancient Medicines for Modern Illnesses, just to name a few. Of course, I wanted to read Nick Polizzi’s book The Sacred Science: An Ancient Healing Path for the Modern World and I was one of the people who rushed to get it when it first came out!

I was quite curious to know more about the journey that took eight patients and a team to the heart of the Amazonian Forest back in 2010. The book is very exciting and you are caught up from page one. Polizzi describes each event in such a vivid way that you not only feel like you are there with him as – at times – you actually feel like you are him! It was already a wonderful work to share this healing journey with the public, but it was brilliant that Polizzi also shared his personal path. There were a few excerpts that touched me, especially the dialogue between Nick and his son in the end of the book. What a gift!

Throughout the book, Polizzi describes the healing process of each patient and how everything is part of that process. This is particularly interesting as it is very attuned to the way Traditional Chinese Medicine works and it is easy to see that Ancient Shamanic Healing and the Eastern Healing Tradition are closely connected. This ancestral knowledge that was deeply ingrained in people throughout the History of the Earth exceeded any borders, such as place or time.

“This entire framework is centered on the shamanic principle that everything is medicine. It doesn’t matter how painful, terrifying, or unpleasant the experience is – the master has learned how to transform these externalities into wisdom and fuel for greater spaciousness and compassion.”

Polizzi also descibres some of the herbs used and how they work, he shares experiences with San Pedro (that was mostly famous in Aldous Huxley description in The Doors of Perception) and with Ayhuasca – two amazing chapters -, the living conditions that healing demands, a personal episode during a thunderstorm and the conclusions to take from the whole process.

The certainty that “Synchronicity is an ever-present reality for those who have eyes to see.” is quiet clear throughout the story and the book could easily be adapted for a screenplay.

Overall it’s a magical book that takes us on a journey not only into the forest, but first and foremost deeply into ourselves as human beings.

“The world is full of unknowns, but the one thing you can determine amid it all is how you are going to relate to yourself.

Never forget that you are your own strongest ally.”

Thank you Nick Polizzi! May The Sacred Science keep up the great work!


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