The Healthy Skin Diet

The skin is our biggest organ: it can weight 3 to 4kg and it can have 1,5 to 2 square meters. It renews itself constantly and it is in permanent interaction with the other organs. Sometimes a skin rush isn’t necessarily a skin problem, it may be other organ’s disorder expressing itself through the skin. Therefore the skin may work as a disease indicator.

The main functions of the skin are: protection and interaction with the external environment (mainly temperature regulation and vitamin D synthesizer). These are huge responsibilities and so everything we spread on the skin or anything we eat will reflect itself in the quality of the skin. To find out more about natural solutions for skin read my post on recipe for skincare with natural oils here.

We are indeed what we eat. Our organs respond to several external stimuli and especially to the fuel we use to keep this marvelous machine running. If our organs performance is better or worse according to what we eat, our biggest organ is no exception. The impact that the food habits have in our skin is tremendous. I was more and more aware of this through time and some years ago I read a book that made quite an impression on me: The Healthy Skin Diet by Karen Fischer.

According to Karen Fischer there are eight steps for a glowing healthy skin:

1 – Choose Dark Green Veggies

2 – Drink Water

3 – Eat Well

4 – Sleep Well

5 – Exercise

6 – Daily Routine

7 – Sunshine

8 – Relax

The book is clarifying. It begins with these 8 steps for healthy skin and then it addresses several different skin conditions as well as possible diets to alleviate those symptoms. It is very complete and it shows the reader why small details may count when it comes to this subject.

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