2018: Good Riddance!

This was the best year in my life so far. Not because the journey I did was amazing or because I have put into action an old dream, but because I felt more myself like ever before! I think that, for the first time in my life, I was truly connected with my inner self. As the masks and emotions were peeled away like layers of an onion, I was obliged to face myself for real! It was scary – and at first I did try to run away – and to be honest, indirectly, I spent most of the year running away, but when we are willing there is always a moment when we’re obliged to realize that either we’ll run forever or we just have to face the responsibility that all we are and our lives are solely in our own hands.

Actually, that moment came quite recently for me! I would say it was the end of a year filled with lessons about myself. As all the realisations, it wasn’t easy or peaceful. In fact, it was very painful and kind of like a delicate storm that takes over you mercilessly, but when it leaves, you realize it was probably the best thing that could have happened to you, since it was the perfect opportunity for you to be truly present with yourself and your emotions! I am grateful to all the experiences that have made this year so unforgettable!

If last year the song that kept playing repeatedly in my head, as I was saying “thank you 2017”, was Bowie’s Ashes to Ashes, this year, Green Day’s Good Riddance keeps playing endlessly in the depths of my mind! Cheers 2018! You’ve given me the tools to make the present day, the moment now and, therefore, the current year always the best one of my life! Welcome 2019!


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Published by Natalia Costa

I love laughing out loud, sharing wellness is one of my greatest joys and communicating from integrity is key to me. I believe that being playful in an emotionally charged planet is the secret to enjoy the ever present synchronicity. The journey is the destination!

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