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While I was in Vietnam, I came across one of the most amazing projects I have seen: Write Your Journey, created by Kirsten Pilz, an experienced writer with a PhD in Italian Literature, a background on Academics who has lived in several different places, passionate about photography and whose extraordinary life could be a movie (and it will certainly be a book with one of the best titles I’ve ever read, you can follow up on this on her blog).

Write Your Journey is a system designed not only to use writing as a therapeutical form, but also to connect us with our inner writing voice, allowing the writing to flow through the consistent practice of varied exercises where meditation has a relevant role. Kirsten also founded the Hoi An Writers Group and I had the privilege of attending one of those incredible sessions that I highly recommend! It is not only for writers, it is for anyone who wishes to tap inside and self-connect. The session was brilliantly guided by Kirsten who had a lot of out-of-the-box exercises and tips for us. The group was charming, filled with delightful people who instigated an atmosphere of joy and unconditional presence. It really is liberating to be amongst like-minded souls with the same passion for writing, using this tool to self express. My gratitude is beyond words for such a lovely event which ended up defining my own perspective about living in Hoi An (or the Asian Venice as I love to call it).

From my experience, writing can be used to accomplish a mission such as losing weight or it can be used to answer soul searching questions. If you want to dive deeper into writing, check Kerstin’s Online Courses. She also runs Writing Retreats that I hope to join in the nearest future! You can also take a look at the Mindfulness Meditation available in Write Your Journey.

An easy way to start may be The 3 Step Journal and since meditation and gratitude go hand in hand, read How a Gratitude Journal Changed my Life and How it can Change Yours, for gratitude is the one habit that can greatly impact your life in a positive way. Find out 3 Easy Steps to Implement Gratitude Into Your Life.

Thank you Kerstin for your wonderful work and for the unforgettable connection I found in Hoi An!


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  1. Hi Natalia, I remember your audio message after you attended the meeting in Hoi An. You were so full of energy and gratitude and inspiration. Now I understand even more why. I am very happy for you! Keep on writing and finding your path through this tool. Me, like so many others, are happily reading your words…

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