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“The results were unbelievable!” See the images here.

Ulises Garay, Manager – Oslo, Norway


“I would like to congratulate Skin at Heart for the work it has been developing, as well as for the useful information that makes available for readers. We need more people like this, who use their own time and their own self for a better society.”

Filipa Galvão, Physiotherapist – Maputo, Mozambique


“I think it’s incredible the way you are able to write about so many topics and that you are able to connect so many subjects. Congratulations! I really think you have an extraordinary capacity for writing.”

Joana Figueiredo, Real Estate Appraisal – Porto, Portugal


“I am writing you for having been such a great friend and supporter. You have showed me other possibilities and helped me to find some answers for issues that I have been fighting for years. The book “Period Repair Manual” by Lara Briden was crucial for me, to help me quit the pill and restore the hormonal balance in my body. Especially in my case, since I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was a teenager, with this book I finally learned how to “kick out” this syndrome and feel like a normal woman. It also affected the hair loss I was fighting for yeards (due to the pill).

The essential oils cared for me during pregnancy and I will continue to use them… it’s just amazing! The face recipe you gave me is better than the expensive creams I have been buying all these years. It feels great 🙂

I hope you continue your good work because you really help people! Thank you Natália, and be happy 😉“

Ana Chagas, Project Manager – Oslo, Norway


“I had a few Yoga classes with Natália and it was amazing! I thought she had been teaching for years. Her instructions were very clear and precise and she guided us incredibly through the practice. Thank you Natália :)”

Mirjana – Germany


“I was very skeptical at first. I resisted it for a almost a year, but I ended up giving it a chance. And I must say: I’m delighted and convinced that essential oils are fantastic for the skin and are so far the best products I’ve used. It also reduces your washing routine. So I – definitely – recommend them.”

Ihuaku Ndukwe, Psychiatrist – Oslo, Norway


“Great informative videos. I met Natália Costa recently and I can say she is very passionate and professional with the essential oils. She is a beautiful soul with a empathic genuine nature. She really wants to help others. I heard from a lady that healed her depression with the help of lavender oil recommend by Natalia. Amazing stuff!”

Frida Lynsey Rae  – Oslo, Norway


“I would like to thank you for all your help and for introducing me to the essential oils world. It is being a discovery each day and no matter how much info there is out there I always think it’s better to listen to your advise and experience and I love to read Skin at Heart. I loved the skin blend you did for my face and the difference from the creams filled with chemicals is notorious: the softness, the moisture, the lightness and the shine I feel on my skin is surprising. Not to mention the uplifting effect I feel in the morning as soon as I smell the first drop. Thank you! And you really found an excellent way for me to remember your everyday in the morning! Love to you my friend and adviser. You are an example!”

Mariana Queirós, Environmentalist  – Porto, Portugal


“Two weeks of dōTERRA essential oils and we can say they are fantastic! I am delighted with the varied smells and I am impressed with the results. I could feel and testify the relief of headaches, back pains, improving of digestion and the effects for a restful sleep. And the best part is that it convinced my husband who was quite skeptical at first and who is now surrendered to the oils. Thank you Natália Costa for sharing dōTERRA.”

Cátia Almeida, Engineer – Lisboa, Portugal


” I think the mix of oils for skin is really good! I am noticing that finally the uncomfortable/irritable dry winter skin feeling is finally over. My skin got back the flexibility and the places where it was so dry it started to be having small wounds have healed and not even dry anymore. I totally love that! My skin feels so much better than it did 2 weeks ago. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe and infos with me! ?

Gabriella Gutema, Architect – Bergen, Norway


“I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about the oils, especially because I have combination skin and I imagined that if I used the oils my skin would be super oily! 😉 After trying the essential oils combination done by Natália, I had to surrender to the evidences! Besides the wonderful scent that the mix has, my skin acquired a texture and a sensation super smooth and pleasant after just a few days. And no, it doesn’t get oily! 🙂 I’m surrendered to the oils and now I don’t go a day without using them :)”

Ana Regado, Crossfit & Fitness Instructor – Viana do Castelo, Portugal