Essential Oils

Workshop How to Use Essential Oils for Health

Are you curious about how Essential Oils can assist your Health? Have you just acquired some of these precious liquids, but don’t know exactly what you can do with them? Are you hoping to restore balance in your life? Do you have a group of friends that you wish to gather for a Health and Wellness informative and fun session? Are you having a Bachelorette Party and want to organize an original event? Do you wish to be the healer in your home?

In this workshop I will guide you through the main applications of Essential Oils for Health & Wellness and how you can easily incorporate them in your daily life to maintain a healthy happy home for you and your family!

Available both online and in person. Contact me for further information!


Skin Recipes for People & Pets

If you have a specific skin ailment or allergy of your concern, if you’re struggling with acne or overly dry skin, if your pet is facing fur issues, Essential Oils may have the answer you’re looking for. I design specific recipes with Essential Oils to suit your specific needs.

A ferret before using the Skin Recipe:

After 2 weeks of using the Skin Recipe I designed specifically for this situation:

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