Coaching Sessions – Manage Your Personal Energy Budget

Do you wish to live at your fullest potential? Do you feel depleted of energy and somehow your energy is scattered and not enough to face your daily challenges? Do you feel a misalignment within yourself? Do you feel like you lack direction and/or the necessary action steps to guide you? The Energy Coaching Session is the solution! The Energy Coaching Session brings you the answer by enhancing the heart/brain connection and balancing your Qi as you use your personal energy towards achieving your goals:

  • Take an Energy Inventory that will give you a perspective of where you are, allowing you to manage your unique life Energy Budget daily;
  • Create a Vision Vision Board that is a translation of your vision into empowering words that mirror your dream life with the sound of language. The Vision Board is your song, your personal mantra. It aims to push you forward towards your goals and dreams by guiding you during Meditation, Prayer and Affirmation every single day outlining the mindset you wish to embrace. You’ll become efficient, resilient and confident as you build your dreams.


Essential Oils Consultations – Recipes & Workshops

Do you want to know more about Essential Oils and how to incorporate them in your life? Do you want to improve your skin using natural solutions? Does your pet have a skin issue that needs help to heal?

  • Skin Recipes for People and Pets
  • Emotional Recipes
  • Workshops for individuals or small groups on How to use Essential Oils at Home with the Family and the Yin Yang of Essential Oils


Guided Meditation Sessions – A Massage for the Soul

Are you working towards achieving a specific goal? Meditation and prayer are extremely powerful to attract what you aim into your life, because feeling is the secret and Meditation will create the electromagnetic field within you to receive everything you dream of.

  • Guided Meditation Sessions suitable for specific needs or goals (Examples: fertility, health, serenity, abundance, confidence, love, public speaking, weight loss, quit smoking, getting that job, be more resilient towards stress, defeat a disease)


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