The Magic Mirror Audiobook

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Currently the audiobook is only available in Portuguese. English version of the book available here: E-book and paperback.

The Magic Mirror portrays the story of Sophie and her wonderful adventure within the human body where she will meet wondrous creatures. In a funny way, the author takes kids and grown-ups in an impressive journey that delights all age groups.

2 reviews for The Magic Mirror Audiobook

  1. Sandra Van Der Kellen

    I loved the approach and the simplicity of the book. What a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing Natalia! Keep on writing!!!

  2. Teresa Pinto

    I had the opportunity to read several children stories written by Natalia and The Magic Mirror is one of the most interesting books I’ve ever read. I work with children and they enjoy her stories very much.
    The Magic Mirror is an adventure where kids can discover new ways to see the world, the body and health. It is very good to assist children to develop a sense of awareness of the power they have inside themselves.
    I can’t wait to read future publications!

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