The Delicate Storm

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The Delicate Storm contains poems written over a decade, including impressions of different journeys around the world and through life.

The book is divided in three parts: Land, Sea and Love.

It is available here.

3 reviews for The Delicate Storm

  1. Carlos R. R.

    The title already tells you what you can expect: powerful emotions conveyed in the most delicate way. This book makes you feel, and even smell, the places where these poems were written, the places that are one of the main sources of inspiration. But the poems are not only about these places and the travels. These poems are about the emotions of travelling and being free, pursuing our dreams and being alive. And they even contain some wise and precious warnings about the obstacles all of us will find, or already found, in our lives. This book is full of life, and beautiful poetry, and you should not miss it!

  2. Richard J. Ronald

    It is not often that we encounter the spirit thoughts of an artist as gentle and soft as the petal of a rose while as compelling as incoming surf. Natalia Costa’s The Delicate Storm is such an artistic rendering. With the vibrancy of youth and the wisdom of old soul, images from her verses will reach your inner sanctum with a warm glow and a mysterious vitality!

  3. Clarissa Hoffmann

    Heart fulfilling poems. I’m obsessed! When I started reading The Delicate Storm, I couldn’t stop! Natália Costa created such a beautiful imagery with her words! I got goosebumps all over! Her words are coming directly from her heart, which is full of wonder and love for the world we live in ! Even though poems seem out of date at the moment, I recommend everyone to take a look at those heart enriching poems Natália Costa crafted!

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