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Do you want to feel vibrant and radiate vitality? Do you wish to release stress and cultivate serenity? Do you want to get pregnant and promote fertility? Do you need to feel more inner peace and self-connection? Do you want to rejuvenate daily?

These are personalised classes tailored to you! 🙂

These individual classes are designed based upon your current needs and goals and they are a combination of Chi Kung and Yin Yoga movements. We set up an individual plan for you to incorporate these exercises in your daily routine.

Each class offers you exercises specifically tailored to you and it ends with a meditation for you to relax and boost your energy.


Chi Kung and Yin Yoga cultivate body, mind and spirit. According to science the regular practice of these exercises promotes cellular regeneration, contributing for health, longevity and inner peace. Each person is unique so your physical and mental exercise practice should be adequate to you and your current state.

The classes may take place live or online and you can book them when it’s more convenient for you.


One time class

Value: 45€

Duration: 1h

3 Class Package

Value: 115€

Duration: 3 classes of 1h each

Send an e-mail to to book your class. 🙂


To know more about Chi Kung see here! To know more about Yin Yoga see here!

4 reviews for Personalized Classes

  1. Sandra Van Der Kellen

    Before I tried it, I was quite skeptical, but I must confess I loved the Qigong class and I will practice it regularly. I didn’t know Qigong was so complete, like the connection with the emotional states. I found the practice both relaxing and energising. I recommend it!

  2. Mirjana

    I had classes with Natália when she was starting out and it was amazing! I thought she had been teaching for years. Her instructions are very clear and precise and she guided us incredibly through the practice. Thank you Natália 🙂

  3. Mariana Queirós

    Excellent way to start the day, awakening your body and mind.
    I strongly recommend you to try this class so well guided and explained at each step.
    Thanks again Natália Costa for sharing all your knowledge.

  4. Inês Lopes

    Excellent class where we experience practical exercises of this ancient art.

    During the lesson the explanations of the different techniques are excellent for increasing awareness and connection with the body and mind.

    Daily practice promotes numerous benefits at a physical, mental and energetic level.

    I loved to know and I strongly recommend daily practice.

    Thanks to Natália Costa, who taught us so well and guided us with her experience in the art of qigong.

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