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“If you want to be healthy and live to one hundred, do Qigong.” Dr. Oz

Do you wish to improve your health with simple movements that can easily be incorporated in your daily routine?

Qigong is for you!

Qigong (or Chi Kung) is the art of cultivating health by coordinating physical movement with conscious breathing. Also known as Taoist Yoga and pronounced Chi Kung, it is scientifically proven to improve health and it’s practiced by everybody, from 8 to 80 years old.

Dating back to over 2.500 years, used by Chinese Medicine, Buddhism, Taoism and Martial Arts, Qigong is the act of nurturing health, nourishing life force energy by coordinating body movement with breathing. It is meditative and it both cleanses and strengthens, stimulating the circulation of energy. Qigong improves overall health and contributes to longevity, creating a peaceful state of mind. No wonder that Tai Chi was inspired by Qigong and Martial Artists use Qigong to improve their training.


Some of the main scientifically proven benefits of having a regular practice of Qigong are:

– Ease stress and promote balance

– Improve immunity and cancer-protection

– Improve cardio-pulmonary function

– Strengthen the organs

– Prevent injury of joints, ligaments and bones

– Loosen the muscles and build athletic power

– Speed recovery time from injuries and operations

– Improve longevity and vitality


The 8 Brocade Qigong is known as the 8 Silken Movements and it was primarily designed as a form of medical Qigong to improve health by harmonizing the function of the organs and the energy centers of the body, also known as glands. These exercises can be done daily or every other day to promote health and balance.

Start your practice today! This Qigong video is automatically available for you once you place the order and you can do it from the comfort of your home! 


“Qigong cultivates our bodies through physical movement and develop in us acute mental awareness. We can also engage in regular meditation to nurture our insight. With a consistent meditation practice that can be as simple as breathing exercises, we can cultivate mindfulness and clarity to deal with our emotions in a healthy way. Through meditation we develop the equanimity to accept the unsatisfactory circumstances of our lives with compassion and loving kindness.”

Dr. Xiaolan Zhao



What is Qigong (Qi Gong, Chi Kung)?

Qigong can be translated as energy cultivation or nurturing life force energy. It is a method where we use the energy by coordinating breathing techniques and body movement. It is meditative and it both cleanses and strengthens, allowing energy to circulate.

Qigong improves overall health and contributes to longevity, creating a peaceful state of mind. Qi Gong dates back to 2.500 years and there are references to similar techniques that go back to 5.000 years. Qigong has its origins in:

  • Chinese Shamanism, linked to the connection between Mankind and Nature, as a means to find harmony between the human body and nature’s elements;
  • Taoism, through the consistent practice of Qigong it was believed that spirit and body were in balance and harmony between Yin Yang was found;
  • Buddhism, certain types of Qigong were developed by Buddhists to compliment their seated meditations with movements which promoted serenity and awareness;
  • Chinese Medicine, Qigong promotes overall health and therefore its practice has been advised by many Traditional Chinese Doctors as a preventative and restorative method for the general balance of the organism and to strengthen specific organs;
  • Martial Arts, since the practice of Qigong greatly improves performance for athletes, Martial Artists designed and developed some forms of Qigong.

There are several types of Qigong and they are all based in the principles of having a straight rooted posture, keeping the spine aligned, being relaxed, focusing on diaphragmatic breathing, flowing with the movements and setting an intention with awareness throughout the practice to harmonize the Qi flow in the body and the connection with nature’s energy to balance the organism. The main energy centers are healed and balanced through the consistent practice of Qigong. 


What is Qi?

Qi is life force energy! It can be called breath, energy, vital force or vital essence. It is pronounced “chee” and it is a Chinese term to describe the flow that “animates” (gives life to) the human body.

When you are aware that everything is energy and that you yourself are your Qi in motion, you become more sensitive to the energetic shifts within your body and you can actively participate in the state of your Qi.

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  1. Mariana Costa Queirós

    Excellent way to learn an ancient practice in an easy and relaxed way.

  2. Joao Sa

    Always a pleasure to listen to Natalia. Her attention to detail during the session and the explanation of all the moves is a plus. Also, her peacefulness is inspiring and the session wakes up the energy within us. Thank you 🙂

  3. Rita Moreira

    Really enjoyed the session. Natalia was extremely careful and detailed on all the moves, benefits and target organs. It was very relaxing and overwhelming. Definitely recommended 🙂

  4. Kelly S

    It was very informative and effective. Natalia explained very well which movements are good for which parts of the body and you gave the necessary background info. Spoke in a calm voice and gave clear instructions. I felt very relaxed and energetic after the class. Thank you so much!

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