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Oil-in-essence: skincare solution tailored to you.

From nature to your skin: 100% natural, vegan and animal friendly.



Why is the oil-in-essence unique?

The oil-in-essence is unique because it is tailored to each person. Essential oils are scientifically known adaptogens: compounds that stabilize and balance the body’s chemical reactions to external disruptors. Essential oils adapt their function to help the skin get into balance again. By analyzing each person’s lifestyle, it is possible to choose the most adequate essential oils and create a unique blend that will serve that skin’s best interests. Certain ingredients mature better together and they are more adequate for a certain type of individual. So the oil-in-essence is created specifically for you based on your current lifestyle.


How to use the oil-in-essence?

You can use it on its own or together with your skincare routine, prior to your daily moisturizer or serum. You can apply it in the morning and in the evening.


Why include the oil-in-essence in your daily routine?

Watch your skin thrive and help it be as radiant as ever with the extra step that will give it the boost it needs to radiate beauty and youth.


Don’t take our word for it. Try it and find out!




1 – How do I apply the oil-in-essence?

Place drops of the product in your hand and then apply it to the face, making sure you reach each area of the skin.


2 – How many drops should I apply?

Six drops are the perfect amount to nourish your skin in each application.


3 – Can I use the oil-in-essence with other products?

You can use it by itself or with other products. If you choose to include it in your skincare routine it is better to apply it prior to your daily moisturizer or serum. You can apply it in the morning and in the evening.


4 – Is it possible to have an oil skin blend or oil-in-essence for sensitive skins like babies or even for animals?

Yes. Skin at Heart has developed several blends for babies with brilliant results that helped the delicate skin to recover. Skin at Heart has also helped different animals like dogs, cats and ferrets with skin blends designed specifically for them. See one of those miraculous stories here


5 – I have eczema. Can I still use the oil-in-essence?

The blend is natural and it greatly helps eczema and other skin conditions. It is very comfortable for the skin and it soothes skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. These conditions are only healed once the root cause of the issue (diet, stress, environmental conditions) is removed. But natural oils have been shown effective in relieving the symptoms.


6 – Is the application different according to the season?

If you are exposed to severe cold conditions or if you spend a lot of time in the sun and wind, you may apply more drops according to your skin’s needs. A couple of more drops will do, so you can apply eight drops instead of six. You may also apply extra drops in places that you feel may be more damaged by extreme weather conditions. For example, typically it is common that the skin around the mouth tends to get very dry when exposed to severe weather. In that case, you may apply two extra drops in that area.


7 – How long does the blend last?

If you use it daily the blend will last you three months.


8 – Can I apply makeup on top of it?

You can apply makeup on top of the oil-in-essence. In fact, those who use foundation on a daily basis love to apply the oil just prior to the makeup since, they feel like it is easier to then spread the foundation.


9 – Can I use it for my eye area?

You can apply the oil-in-essence around the eyes as well. Once you apply the six drops in the palm of your hand, when you start spreading the oil-in-essence in your face you can include the eye area too. Make sure you apply it around the eyes and not inside of them.


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3 reviews for Natural Skincare

  1. Gabriela Fernandes Xavier

    Thanks Natalia for showing me the world of essential oils that it’s slowly entering my life and changing it for the better.
    The oil-in-essence that you created for me was wonderful for my skin and I’ve been feeling huge differences. The skin is much brighter and with a healthy look.
    Thank you 😃

  2. Gabriella Gutema

    I think the mix of oils for skin works very well! I am noticing that finally the uncomfortable/irritable dry winter skin feeling is finally over. My skin got back the flexibility and in the places where it was too dry and started to have small wounds, it healed and it’s not even dry anymore. I totally love that! My skin feels so much better than it did 2 weeks ago. Thank you so much!

  3. Mariana Costa Queirós

    I would like to thank you for all your help and for introducing me to the essential oils world. It is being a discovery each day and no matter how much info there is out there I always think it’s better to listen to your advise and experience and I love to read Skin at Heart. I loved the skin blend you did for my face and the difference from the creams filled with chemicals is notorious: the softness, the moisture, the lightness and the shine I feel on my skin is surprising. Not to mention the uplifting effect I feel in the morning as soon as I smell the first drop. Thank you!

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