Immortality Oil-in-Essence

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The only skincare product designed specifically for you and your lifestyle!


Why select a solution for the masses when you are unique? 

The difference between a personalised skincare solution and any other skin product is that you are offered exactly what your skin needs maximising the benefits your skin gets!

Immortality Oil-in-Essence is a personalised skincare solution natural, organic, vegan and sustainable tailored to each person focused on rejuvenating your skin. 

By observing your skin’s needs and the lifestyle behind it, we create a skin blend that will benefit both your skin and your emotional balance. Certain ingredients mature better together and they are more adequate for a certain type of individual due to life habits and climatic conditions.

Immortality Oil-in-Essence is created specifically for you based on your current lifestyle.


Do you want a 2 in 1 solution?

When you place the order, you receive a form to fill out that will give us the information we need to formulate your unique blend. So you get both a service and a product. It’s a 2 in 1 solution!


Do you want to give future generations a legacy for life and contribute to the continuity of the Earth?

This product is vegan and made with natural organic ingredients. Skin at Heart is proud to be animal friendly. There is no need to harm animals or the environment to create beauty products that give us the best results. By choosing natural you are giving your children a legacy for life, investing in your long term health and ensuring the continuity of our planet.


Your Immortality Oil-in-Essence is shipped within 5 business days from the moment you place the order.

Size: 50mL


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6 reviews for Immortality Oil-in-Essence

  1. Ana Regado

    I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about the oils, especially because I have oily skin, so I imagined that if I used the oils my skin would be super oily! After trying the oil-in-essence, I have to surrender to the evidences! Besides the wonderful scent that the mix has, my skin acquired a texture and a sensation super smooth and pleasant after just a few days. And no, it doesn’t get oily! I’m delighted with the oils and now I don’t go a day without using them 🙂

  2. Ulises Garay

    The results were unbelievable! See the images:

  3. Ihuaku Ndukwe

    I was very skeptical at first. I resisted it for a almost a year, but I ended up giving it a chance. And I must say: I’m delighted and convinced that essential oils are fantastic for the skin and are so far the best products I’ve used. It also reduces your washing routine. So I – definitely – recommend them.

  4. Gabriella Gutema

    I think the mix of oils for skin works very well! I am noticing that finally the uncomfortable/irritable dry winter skin feeling is finally over. My skin got back the flexibility and in the places where it was too dry and started to have small wounds, it healed and it’s not even dry anymore. I totally love that! My skin feels so much better than it did 2 weeks ago. Thank you so much!

  5. Gabriela Fernandes Xavier

    Thanks Natalia for showing me the world of essential oils that it’s slowly entering my life and changing it for the better.
    The oil-in-essence that you created for me was wonderful for my skin and I’ve been feeling huge differences. The skin is much brighter and with a healthy look.
    Thank you 😃

  6. Mariana Costa Queirós

    I would like to thank you for all your help and for introducing me to the essential oils world. It is being a discovery each day and no matter how much info there is out there I always think it’s better to listen to your advise and experience and I love to read Skin at Heart. I loved the skin blend you did for my face and the difference from the creams filled with chemicals is notorious: the softness, the moisture, the lightness and the shine I feel on my skin is surprising. Not to mention the uplifting effect I feel in the morning as soon as I smell the first drop. Thank you!

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