Manifestation Therapy




Is there something that you really want? What are your heart’s desires?

This therapy helps you manifest your goals. 

The session guides you in being in the vision that you want to give life to. The way to reach an energetic state is not by thinking about it, but by being in the state.


The session is divided in three steps:

Step 1

In the beginning of the session we will talk about your specific goal and create a sensory vision that implies that you achieved what you want.

Step 2

Then I will guide you into a meditation where you are in the energetic state of the manifestation of your vision.

Step 3

Lastly, we will discuss the insights you had from the experience.


The more comfortable you are in the energetic state where you reach your goal, the more naturally it unfolds, because you become one with it and that will be revealed in the way you think, speak and act. Once you know how to give life to your vision, you can do this therapy by yourself to any goal that you wish to reach. 

What you need to bring: a well defined goal that you wish to attain.

Duration: 1h15

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