Face Yoga Method



The Face Yoga Method completely changed the connection with my face. Generally forgotten, the face is comprised of muscles, like any other part of the body, so why not use that for our benefit?

As I started to do Face Yoga, I was amazed with the results! I was able to understand better my face’s symmetry and the points that needed more exercise.

Created by Fumiko Takatsu this is a wonderful tool for your face’s health, youth and vitality.

You have the 6 Week Face Toning Bootcamp which is the best way to jump right into the method! The bootcamp will guide you and show you all you need to know to work all the areas of the face and incorporate the Face Yoga Method in your daily routine.

If you prefer reading first, take a look at the Ultimate Guide to The Face Yoga Method Ebook. The book covers everything about the Face Yoga Method and how to put it to practice.


Do you already know what specific target area could benefit with the method? Then choose the ones you want to work with and start right away:

Eye Jumpstart

Forehead Area Jumpstart

Neck & Jawline Jumpstart

Mouth and Cheeks Jumpstart

Start your Face Yoga Practice Today!


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