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Are you facing a great transformation? Did you lose someone you loved? Are you changing careers? Are you handling major emotional turmoil? Emotions are energy in motion that affect the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. This consultation is focused on Emotional Management and Self-Nourishment.
Most of us grew up without emotional guidance, therefore emotions may become challenging to handle. We are progressively stepping into an age where we use our emotions as a guiding tool so rather than just pushing them aside and being enslaved by them, we use their energy to create.
In this session, I’ll assist you to unveil your emotions, to understand what they are trying to tell you and to navigate them.
The main methods human beings use to avoid emotions are:


  • Suppression and Repression 
  • Expression
  • Escape


Energy needs to circulate. All you need is inside you, sometimes you just need someone to guide you through the intensity of what you are feeling. A few tools that help relieve the intensity of emotions are:


  • Physical Exercise
  • Being in Nature
  • Meditation
  • Singing
  • Aromatherapy


We will dive deeper into the underlying causes of your symptoms and you’ll receive guidance on how to manage the energy of your emotional states.

The interconnection between body, mind and spirit translates into a life of balance and wellbeing.  This may be a one time session or a pack of sessions depending on your needs and goals. The guidance you’ll receive will give you the tools that will assist you moving towards your wishes. 
Live the life you want now!
By implementing small changes consistently your energy will raise and you’ll feel better extending that power to all aspects of your life. You’ll feel healthy, vibrant, alive, empowered and passionate about being you, so you’ll start enjoying more and more being alive and living the life you wish to create.
Duration: 1h15
Send an e-mail to skinatheart@gmail.com to book your session.

1 review for Emotional Management

  1. Ana C.C.

    I am writing to you to thank you for being such a great friend and supporter. You have showed me other possibilities and helped me to find some answers for issues that I have been fighting for years. The book “Period Repair Manual” by Lara Briden was crucial for me, it helped me quit the pill and restore the hormonal balance in my body. Especially in my case, since I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was a teenager, with this book I finally learned how to “kick out” this syndrome and feel like a normal woman. It also affected the hair loss I was fighting for years (due to the pill).
    The essential oils took care of me during pregnancy and I will continue to use them… it’s just amazing! The oil-in-essence is better than the expensive creams I have been buying all these years. And it feels great!
    I hope you continue your good work because you really help people! Thank you Natália, and be happy! 🙂

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