Daily Vitality

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“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.”

You wouldn’t go by without brushing your teeth daily, would you? Then why not invest the same in your overall health? Consistency is the key. These practices will nourish your vitality.

Vitality Sessions

Qigong Classes

Daily Vitality Video

Taoist Yoga

How to use Essential Oils

Workshop Aromatherapy Everything You Need to Know to Effectively and Safely use Essential Oils

Face Yoga Method

Face Yoga Method





2 reviews for Daily Vitality

  1. Sandra Cristina Resende Van der Kellen

    I must confess I wasn’t expecting to feel so great. I loved the experience, I recommend it and I’ll continue the practice. Thank you Natalia!

  2. Mirjana

    Her instructions are very clear and precise and she guides us incredibly through the practice. Thank you Natália! Amazing work!

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