Corporate Health Habits


Now more than ever it is clear the growing necessity of implementing healthy habits in a professional context. This demands a behavioural change that begins with leadership spreading through all the branches of an organisation.

The implementation of this change requires facing the company as a living organism. The success of the business and the wellbeing of each professional become an organic group whose expansion is mutually influential.

The goal of this workshop is to instil this behavioural change by presenting scientifically proven methods that contribute to:

– health

– happiness

– efficiency

– success

Of the professionals and, consequently, give you better business results.

Happy people create happy teams. Happy teams form successful companies!

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” Henry Ford

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About Me

My international career led me to work in Norway for many years in different companies. Business health habits were a reality with which I lived closer in Scandinavia, being responsible for the implementation of healthy behaviours amongst my team.

Inspired by Thrive Global, I became a Counsellor in this area, specialised in implementing healthy habits in companies.


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