Aroma & Terapia


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This e-book is only available in Portuguese. The references used to write this e-book are all in English. Please contact us if you want us to send you the list of books available within the subject and we’ll happily give you all the references used to write this e-book.

Content of Aroma & Terapia:

  • Health & Balance
  • Understanding Yin Yang & Qi
  • History of Aromatherapy
  • The Science behind Aromatherapy
  • What are Essential Oils
  • How Essential Oils can support physical, mental and spiritual balance
  • Yin Yang of Essential Oils
  • How to use Essential Oils
  • What are emotions
  • How to transform emotions
  • How to use Aromatherapy to invoke positive emotions
  • Main Essential Oils for Emotional Balance
  • Aromatic Recipes
  • Safety
  • References & Bibliography


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