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Why should you support my work?

Patreon allows loyal fans to provide a small monthly contribution to artists, writers or creators that they like. In return, creators offer rewards as a sort of thank you gift. I’m using Patreon to support the wellness information flow and I’m sharing exclusive content with my Patrons.

Your support helps to push me further towards my goals:

  • Email/Hosting. Payments for website hosting, domain names, and expenses for sending the newsletter to readers.
  • Research/Books. I read several books a month. I spend a lot of time doing research and studying different wellness subjects. That time when I’m not working for my own sustenance translates into money that I don’t earn. If I can get support, I am able to spend more time researching and sharing that information with my readers or my YouTube viewers.

If I have tipped you in some way when it comes to health, essential oils usage or motivational issues, either by book recommendations, essential oils information or wellbeing improving techniques for your specific condition, what was the impact of my tip in your life? How much was that advice worth it to you?

What do you get when join Skin at Heart’s community and become a Patron?

If you’d like to support my work you can do so by donating monthly through Patreon.

According to the ranking of your support you may have tailored wellness solutions for the health or wellness issues that concern you.

Only my Patrons receive: complete texts with all the information on Aromatherapy or other wellness subjects, detailed information on my personal travel journey (people I meet, what I’m learning, places I’ve visited, courses I’m doing) and exclusive content on subjects I’m reading or studying such as Quantum Physics, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong, Meditation, Yoga, Kung Fu and Energy Psychology.

Thank you!

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