Natália Costa

Natália Costa Skin at Heart

Dear Reader:

Welcome to Skin at Heart! I started this blog and my YouTube Channel so I can share wellness information such as:

  • Essential oils benefits, usages and recipes;
  • How Energy Psychology is a powerful tool changing behaviours and habits;
  • What I’ve learned from books I’ve been reading and how cinema and other arts can encourage and uplift;
  • Interviews with inspiring people and the work they are developing;
  • How Meditation, Qigong, Yoga, Kung Fu, Tantra, Tao and Traditional Chinese Medicine come together and may assist your health;
  • The impact of our habits in our health: how we sleep, what we eat, the way we think, the spaces we move in;
  • The latest scientific discoveries in quantum physics and the amazing work that people such as Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Louise Hay, Carl Jung, Carlo Rovelli, Daniel G. Amen, António Damásio, Alan Watts, Irvin D. Yalom, Mantak Chia, Lucidor Flores, Bib Proctor and many others advanced;
  • My personal journey and experience as a gift of inspiration.

I believe happy places contribute to happy people, I believe art – just like essential oils – can heal and I believe the best way to be healthy is to nourish a smiling soul.  We can take control in our thoughts, attitudes and habits and, therefore, in our health and, ultimately, in who we are. We can trust Mother Earth and ourselves for nourish and thrive!

I love a good laugh, I’m addicted to cinema, I’m an Essential Oils Ambassador, I’m passionate about Quantum Physics, Qigong, Energy Psychology, Kung Fu, Meditation, Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine and music is my home. I’m a Writer and Mental Engineer who firmly believes that Tao is the Pathless Path.

I use Skin at Heart to empower with knowledge, joy, light and beauty.

In J.M.Barrie’s words: “Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others can not keep it from themselves.”

Let’s share wellness together!

Natália Costa