Food Revolution Summit

I wrote this post last year, following the Food Revolution Summit that I attended.

In the last days it was the worldwide online event Food Revolution Summit. This event is hosted by John & Ocean Robbins, curiously, son and grandson of the founder of the ice-cream brand Baskin Robbins, but that now dedicate themselves sharing precious information to make people aware and conscious of the food choices that we make and the direct impact that these choices have in our health and well being.

It would be impossible to gather all the information discussed by doctors, nutritionists and scientists during these last days, but I would like to highlight a few that caught my attention:

  • One of the cardiologists referred the irony it is to celebrate each new birthday with a party filled with excess, where we eat quantity and quality that will contribute to minimize the number of years we will celebrate still. This is something worth to think about to rethink habits and even traditions and question ourselves why do we perpetuate them. And here’s something worth to think about!

  • One of the nutritionists reminded that if we heal our gut bacteria and feed it properly, then the gut auto-heals and regenerates the gut health. This principle is explained in the book The Microbiome Diet: The Scientifically Proven Way to Restore Your Gut Health and Achieve Permanent Weight Loss by Dr. Raphael Kellman that I have mentioned in previous posts in this blog as a reference reading on the topic.

  • Once again the myth of the dairy as the only or main source of calcium was brought to light and it was even lifted the veil over the possibility that osteoporosis is linked to the excessive consume of milk: investigations are still on going on the subject.

  • Some studies were brought to light over the direct link between the gut’s health and the brain health, including issues such as Alzheimer, depression, cognitive performance and mood.

  • It was reinforced the importance of aerobic exercise and the dramatic impact it has in our general health and even in the capacity it may have to create genetic changes. Yes: you’ve heard it right! Several doctors believe that our genetics is written in sand, not in stone, and the habits we choose to make define its evolution. There are investigations on the run at the moment to analyse the possibility of our brain cells have to regenerate and develop, when they are stimulated and fed properly.

  • Last, but not least it was also brought the attention to the fact that more and more families are unable to choose healthy due to the prices and the availability in the market of healthy options and how important it is for us as individuals and societies to ensure that we have a new approach to food.

It was indeed an interesting and clarifying event on a subject that is important to every human being and that takes us to knowledge and how we can use that knowledge as a weapon to take control over our own health and well being and the ones that we love.

The most important idea to take from all of this is that each meal is a choice that we make. It was not in vain that the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates left us in his words of wisdom: “Let food be Thy medicine and let medicine be Thy food.”. As John Robbins referred: “A doctor that doesn’t know nutrition is like a fireman who doesn’t know about water.” May this post inspire you to make healthy choices in each meal!

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