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Follow Your Nose is a delicious and fun book on Aromatherapy for children and adults. Coming soon!

The Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror portrays the story of Sophie and her wonderful adventure within the human body where she will meet wondrous creatures. In a funny way, the author takes kids and grown-ups in an impressive journey that delights all age groups.

E-book and paperback available!

The Delicate Storm

The Delicate Storm is a combination of three poetry works that cover different journeys: 4098, Iorana and Kung Fu Fragments.

4098 is the number of miles traveled in the Western American road trip that took place in April 2015 and covered parts of California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah.

Iorana means both “Hello” and “Goodbye” in Polynesian. This was the first solo expedition and it occurred in June and July 2017 in Easter Island, Tahiti, Mo’orea and Bora Bora.

Kung Fu Fragments were poems written in 2018 during the experience of living in a Kung Fu Retreat and the impressions from the Southeast Asian Culture, especially Pai, in Thailand, Bali, in Indonesia and Hoi An, in Vietnam.

Paperback and e-book available!


Recommended Reading List

This is an essential reading list for those who are into understanding the power of being human and the way our universe works as well as on how to take control on your own health and wellness.

By understanding your emotional management system and the law of attraction you have the tools to create your own reality at your pleasure. These books are essential to grasp that. Enjoy!


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