The Power of Chewing

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7 Secrets to Stop Compulsive Eating

Working from home can be challenging for a number of reasons and one of them is our relationship with food. Emotional eating is one of the main challenges we face as human beings as we often seek comfort in food to fulfil ourselves.  Being a compulsive eater myself for so many years, I know howContinue reading “7 Secrets to Stop Compulsive Eating”

Chinese Medicine Flavour Combination for Health

The role of flavour combination is quite important in Traditional Chinese Medicine, as it is to eat according to the season, since each season presents different challenges for the organism. It is also vital to adapt the food plan to each individual, because each human being has a different constitution and may require different nutritionalContinue reading “Chinese Medicine Flavour Combination for Health”

Why keeping a Food Journal is the best ally for your diet

How is your relationship with food? How is your goal to lose weight? How are your efforts to quit that particular craving you always have? Whatever issue you may be struggling with when it comes to food, keeping a Food Journal will help you to take a real look at it and it may helpContinue reading “Why keeping a Food Journal is the best ally for your diet”

The Relationship with Food!

I have previously addressed emotional eating and how can essential oils assist in letting go of those patterns. I also shared a few recipes with essential oils that may help with food craving and weight loss! Today I would like to share the videos from Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson that I’ve just discovered and thatContinue reading “The Relationship with Food!”

Emotional Eating

When we are born, one of the first contacts we have with the world and with our mother is by eating. The act of eating for a baby is a two way relationship that both nourishes the baby with the necessary nutrients to grow and also nourishes the baby with love, sending a feeling of care,Continue reading “Emotional Eating”

The Healthy Skin Diet

The skin is our biggest organ: it can weight 3 to 4kg and it can have 1,5 to 2 square meters. It renews itself constantly and it is in permanent interaction with the other organs. Sometimes a skin rush isn’t necessarily a skin problem, it may be other organ’s disorder expressing itself through the skin.Continue reading “The Healthy Skin Diet”