Heart Intelligence Counseling

Heart Intelligence Counseling suits any individual who requires tuning into the body and accessing the emotional compass for liberation. Through the application of Energy Psychology Techniques, it is designed for anyone who is going through severe emotional turmoil or needs to cope with high demanding performance assignments.


It is specially suited to:

– Professional Athletes

– Leaders under high pressure

– People going through intense grief

– Patients of severe diseases


Your Heart Intelligence Counselor is a space-holder, creating a safe space while assisting and guiding you as you:

– Allow yourself to go through the Emotional Compass

– Enhance your Heart/Brain Coherence for optimal performance and tranquility

– Balance your Qi, the vital energy or life force energy

– Manage your particular Energy Budget 

– Design your unique Declaration of Intention

– Attain your performance goals and live at your fullest potential through Guided Visualization

– Integrate Enjoyment in your actions in the process of reaching Achievement

– Find Healing Within yourself


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