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  • Research/Books. I read several books a month. I spend a lot of time doing research and studying different wellness subjects. If I can get support, I am able to spend more time researching and sharing that information with my readers and my YouTube viewers.
  • Audiovisual Materials. I film all the videos with my beloved 7-year-old phone and it’s about time that I upgrade my audiovisual materials so I can bring you videos with better sound and better image quality.
  • Qigong & Meditation DVD. I would love to create a DVD on Qigong, Yin Yoga and Meditation so I can share my daily practice for health and vitality with you.

​My Patrons have exclusive access to my personal story and my experience with a wide variety of techniques for health and wellness, from Qigong to Shamanism, from Tantra to Aromatherapy, from Energy Psychology to Meditation. I share my consultations with detailed insights on how each of these areas is able to assist health and wellness. My Patrons also receive tailored wellness solutions on issues of their concern and they have a direct 1:1 line with me which allows us to discuss further any health or wellness subject. Patreon works with a monthly donation and we’ll work closely together every month!

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