Mind What You Wear

In 2015 I read Mind What You Wear The Psychology of Fashion by Karen J. Pine. The book analyses the relationship between the states of mind and the clothing choices people make and vice-versa: how much the choice of clothing may influence the moods. The author refers to studies made in this subject that lead to concludeContinue reading “Mind What You Wear”

Marie Kondo

I have always loved minimalism and organized spaces. I believe it takes quite some time to figure out what minimalism means to us: it takes just as much time as it does to understand what is precious to us and what do we really love, from the spaces we move in to the objects weContinue reading “Marie Kondo”

The Value of Essential Oils

“A doctor who treats disease after it has happened is a mediocre doctor… A doctor who treats disease before it happens is a superior doctor.” The Yellow Emperor According to Traditional Chinese Medicine it was common to pay a monthly or weekly fee to the doctor. Everyone in the village paid a small fee toContinue reading “The Value of Essential Oils”

2016: A Year in Books!

This is a post I had originally published in the end of 2016 with my reading list. 2016 was filled with action at all levels for me, since I’ve moved city, I’ve started a full speed job, I’ve implemented new routines in my daily life, I’ve started my youtube channel and I’ve finally released SkinContinue reading “2016: A Year in Books!”

Eye Recipe with Essential Oils

The best essential oils for dark circles are: eucalyptus, lemon, rose and sandalwood. Any of the three is powerful in reducing the darkness of the area and in reducing any spots in the skin. As said in earlier posts, these oils should be mixed with a carrier oil. The best carrier oil for dark circles is almondContinue reading “Eye Recipe with Essential Oils”

How to Avoid Dark Circles in the Eyes

One of the most hated days of the week is Monday and one of a face’s worst nightmare are dark circles. They gather in the inferior area of the eyes and they have the power to make anyone look older, because they make us look tired and they steal luminosity. If they look purple they’reContinue reading “How to Avoid Dark Circles in the Eyes”

Skincare Recipe for Face with Essential Oils

One of my favourite oils usage is topically. There is much to say about the skin and what can affect it. The skin is our biggest organ and, as such, reflects everything that happens inside our organism: hormones, food habits, stress, exercising (or lack of it). The great secret to a young and healthy skinContinue reading “Skincare Recipe for Face with Essential Oils”

Essential Oils Benefits

Natural oils are the way nature has to show us that it loves us and it gives us everything we need to be nurtured and healthy. Like Dr. Josh Axe said: “Essential oils are the most powerful form of plant-based medicine.” Before we look further into the benefits of the oils, it is important toContinue reading “Essential Oils Benefits”