Bullish on Bitcoin

I had the pleasure to meet Misha in Thailand during the Kung Fu Retreat experience. I’ve been following Misha‘s work and it is my honor to share with you his latest book Bullish on Bitcoin. I just got my copy (which is free on Amazon for the next couple of days) and I am looking forward to dive into the 37 Strategies to Profit in the New Crypto Economy.

“Like the dot-com bust, during the crypto bubble, many projects died a necessary death. But from the ashes emerged a new industry and today thousands are working behind the scenes to create a new, decentralized world. There is still a lot up for grabs, and with an internet connection, research and a little bit of capital, you can participate and profit in the new crypto economy.”

In Bullish on Bitcoin, you’ll discover:

How to master your mind as a trader and manage your emotions amidst intense price fluctuation.

How to identify undervalued projects that have potential to 100x — and which ones to avoid.

Valuation frameworks that can give you an edge to assess crypto startups.

A step-by-step to setup passive income streams through crypto investing.

Risk management, tax strategy, and advice from expert investors.

How to get a career in blockchain, featuring interviews with blockchain entrepreneurs, VCs, angels and professional traders.

STOs, stablecoins, atomic swaps and what’s on the horizon over the next 2-3 years, from specific tech to individual projects.”


It certainly seems like a valuable book to start the New Year! Thanks Misha!

“Misha is a Tokyo-based blogger and crypto trader. In the past 5 years, he’s helped companies like Facebook and Amazon build their hiring strategies, learned Japanese and is traveling the world. He is the author of five books and writes frequently about cryptocurrencies, technology and the future of work.”


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